UniSkills School of Skill Development

WHY UniSkills? Because we need Skills to Succeed! We need Universal – United – Unique Skills & a Facilitator! For long, we all have been battling with our skill-gaps and somehow ignoring them as well. At a time, when SKILL DEVELOPMENT is no more a vague term, we are proud to be among the flag-bearers of Skill Enhancement in India. With regular assertions and academic interventions through workshops, consultancy, content development and interactiions, we impart the best of competence to 'capable souls'. We are here with innovative and globally acknowledged practices, pedagogy & expertise. Our target is ‘Value Addition’ and 'Skill Development'.

Vision & Mission

UniSkills School of Skill Development has been a belief and a mission. As a Startup, it is an inspiration, a strength and a commitment towards the world we live in. The UniSkills think-tank is determined to impart Upskilling and bridge the skill-gap. Envisioning a Skilled Universe, we are committed to 'Skill India' - 'Skill Haryana’ & ‘Skill Kurukshetra’. We are into developing a brave and bold ecosystem which has the potential to bring sustainable improvement in Skills. We are collaborating with everyone who has the gusto to challenge the status-quo. UniSkills is in Kurukshetra (Haryana) INDIA and is collaborating with the enterprising and determined individuals as well as institutions for Skill Development.

Commitments & Services

With Enhance-Empower-Encourage trilogy, we have initiated a mission to transform possibilities into accomplishments, average into exceptional and reluctance into confidence. UniSkills is all ready for: Communication Skills, Employability Enhancement, Educational Technology, Internet Maturity, MOOCs, Faculty Development Programme, Corporate Training, Motivational Talks, Web Solutions and Online Reputation Management. With this, we shall also provide Educational Consultancy, Event Management and Anchoring, Content Writing, Social Media Smartness, Public Speaking and much more. We assist HigherEd, K-12, Corporate, Government and Individuals.

UniSkills Services

Communication Skills

Employability Enhancement

Educational Technology

Internet Maturity & MOOCs

Faculty Development Programme

Corporate Training & Motivational Talks

Web Solutions

Online Reputation Management


UniSkills conducts specially Designed Workshops and Trainings:
  • Communication Skills Development
  • Employability Enhancement
  • Placement Preparation Workshops
  • Personality Grooming
  • How to Make Clever Career Decisions?
  • Public Speaking and Theatre
  • Let’s Learn Listening
  • Mastering Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Picnic Workshops
  • Workplace Communication Training
  • How to Become a Connected Educator?
  • Teaching Aptitude Enhancement
  • Leadership in Education
  • Mastering Social Media Platforms
  • Implementation of EduSoMedia Model
  • Integration of Technology into Classroom Teaching
  • Developing MOOCs/E-Learning Resources/OERs
  • 21st Century Skills to Teachers
  • Classroom Make-Over

UniSkills Coaching

English Subject Tuitions (M.A. & Graduation)

Conversational English & IELTS /TOEFL Guidance

Debates & Declamations

Creative Writing

E-mails & Web-Based Writing

Competitive English & Grammar

Social Media Smartness

Resume & Job Interviews

Blogging & Content Writing

Parental Communication

Public Speaking & Anchoring

MOOCs and Online Learning

UniSkills Blog

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