We must say what we want to! We must write what we intend to! We must know what works and what not! We must be confident to argue our view! We must be able to establish an impressive image among our listeners and viewers!

One must carry Communicative Competence which comes through Communication Skills. The set of these two words is a selling commodity since decades and has been a neglected human faculty for centuries now. We are enslaved not because it was destiny or the rulers had weapons, but because we stopped 'communicating'. 

UniSkills offers addition-correction-strengthening-sharing of Communication Skills.

From Academics to Business Communication, from Media Managment to Life Management, we explore with you the Communicative Potential you carry.

  • Communication Skills for Children
  • Communication Skills for Parents
  • Communication Skills for Higher Education Students
  • Communication Skills for Teachers and Heads of Institutions
  • Communication Skills for Business Leaders and their Teams
  • Communication Skills for Personal Improvement
  • Communication Skills for 'Communication'

We train Teachers who are eligible to get employed as Communication Skills/Business Communication/Communicative English and need to ensure that they do their work confidently. We train parents to communicate their aspirations successfully tot their children.

We enhance your Communication Skills!