You Create Yourself!

These three words elucidate the essence of Eklavyaism. The way Eklavya ensured the continuity of his learning, UniSkills has determined to make Life Long Learning an integral part of each life.

Eklavya-ism stands for learning by self. This is a principle which denotes ‘self-learning’ and ‘self-perfectionism’. It is learning by observation too. The disciple learns, even if the teacher isn’t available physically. Dronacharya wasn’t there but Eklavya made an idol of him and kept his learning alive.

Mahabharata conveys ‘Eklavyaism’ as a learning philosophy. It is sometimes being recognised as a sentiment or a Bhava.

In the present day of the global learning environment, which is marked by the competitive life, ‘Learning by Self’ has become a necessity. We do not suggest the absence of the teacher, but we advocate a multi-dimensional learning and skill development. For that, one has to be like Eklavya-who could learn, even if the availability of resources was not there.

We all learn by observation as well. This way we all are prodigy humans carrying infinite potential which must be realised.

Our Mission of EduSoMedia, Skill Tourism, Skill Kurukshetra, Internet Maturity and each initiative is inspired by the spirit of Eklavyaism.

Educational Technology- EdTech and EduSoMedia Models of Learning that we have been practising for over 10 years are based on the same concept that Eklavya suggested through his efforts. ‘The have-not’s must be brought to the haves category.’  

As said before, Eklavyaism is in the 'mind'. Eklavyaism is a belief in learning.