UniSkills offers Corporate Training to Business and Corporate establishments. We understand that “Business is what works” and we firmly believe in the utility of this craftsmanship called ‘BUSINESS’.
Nothing is small; nothing is less important when it comes to your dreams and efforts. Hence, we train you, your team and your stakeholders in the best of Skills that business demands:

• Entrepreneurship
• Startup Motivation
• Business Leadership
• Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
• Public Speaking
• Technology and a Leader
• Group Discussion
• Conducting and Attending a Meeting
• Keynote Address
• Online Reputation Management
• Social Media and Cyber Smartness
• Marketing and Your Skills
• Communication Skills Workshops for Staff
• Behaviour & Stress Management
• Motivation and Dedication Inculcation
• Website and Social Media Profile Creation

Startups can take us along as their FRIEND! We give sincere Business Consultancy and develop a leadership culture in the organisation.