Academic Interventions, Skill Development and Capacity Building Workshops, School Makeover, Classroom Makeover, Teachers’ Training, Recruitment Assistance, Content Planning, Curriculum Designing, Brand Management, Parents’ Training, Communication Plan, Event Designing and Management, CSR Planning and Execution, 

The demands of future would be different from today and we need to remember that we are teaching the future, not the present. The school education has been questioned for its quality and we can not ignore it for long.

The leaders need to be brave and bold enough to match the speed of this globe. Schools make and break the future of a child. There cannot be a day when the world will refuse to go to a school. Hence, the schools need not turn into a market where the competition is won through offers and discounts. Private Schools need to remember that after all they are also a part of the society and they cannot earn diamonds by offering an education which is not sustainable for the next three decades. We talk to schools and help them get on the track of Ethical Welfare as well as an Organised Self-growth plan. The bone of contention between the stakeholders is the 'quest' we are in to revive education.

UniSkills Offers:

1. Academic Intervention Sessions with Educationists, Thinkers and UniSkills Mentors
2. Institutional Branding Strategy: Design-Develop and Delivery
3. Ethical Social Responsibility Plan-Events and Consultancy
4. Curriculum Design and Syllabus SWOT
5. Classroom Makeover
6. Teachers’ Skill Development

a. Communication Skills
b. Spoken English with Focus on Pronunciation and Fluency
c. Public Relations and Interpersonal Skills
d. Educational Technology
e. EduSoMedia-Education through Social Media
f. Internet Maturity
g. Workplace Communication
h. Motivation to Grow
i. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
j. Employability Enhancement-Upskilling
k. Global Collaboration and National Recognition Platforms

9. Students’ Learning Enhancement

a. Classroom Makeover
b. Spoken English & Personality Development
c. Social Media Smartness
d. Diligence in Classroom
e. Event Management
f. Anchoring an Event
g. Debates and Declamation
h. Creative Writing
i. Career Guidance
j. Model United Nations, Mock-Parliaments etc.
k. Various Entrance Tests Introduction

10.  Creativity and Critical Thinking