UniSkills School of Skill Development is dedicated to Communication Skills, Employability Enhancement, Educational Technology, EduSoMedia Implementation, Teachers' Training, Career Guidance, Public Speaking and Personality Grooming. Primarily we aim at the Enhancement of Skills-Soft Skills. ‘UniSkills’ has been conceptualised to provide sincere and skilful assistance to learners who are otherwise left behind due to myriad factors. We conduct Workshops-Specialised Coaching Sessions-Extension Lectures-Personalised Counseling-Online Interactions (Webinars). Leadership UniSkills is founded on the determination of making a positive difference in the lives of learners. Skill Development for a Better Life remains the flag-bearer of our vision. We have aimed at developing the global standards of Communication Skills. With our experience at the root level of education and our optimistic strategies, we are conducting Skill Enhancement Workshops across India. A team of dynamic mentors and skill development experts is with us to establish Learning Paradigms. UniSkills is led not by individuals but by a shared vision. The Leadership lies in the Challenges we have taken up. Our Commitment is our Leader. We want CHANGE which leads to IMPROVEMENT. Commitments: UniSkills has volunteered to provide 'Communicative Competence' to those who want to make a mark in their life. Yes, we are not for business or expansions. We are for 'Change' through Skill Enhancement. There is a need to bring soft-skills to the forefront and this collaboration is toiling for the same. We impart Skill Based Training and Workshops to HigherEd Institutions, Faculty and also to School students and their teachers. As we are based in Haryana, we are working to 'Change the Image' through UniSkills. We believe in "Together We Can and We Will'.