Skill Kitty!

There is one thing about LEARNING-we can start at any stage and at any age!

UniSkills has developed another belief to strengthen the above truth. We have launched a FIRST of its kind KITTY for Housewives and all ladies who have been searching for an alternative or have been attending the stereotype KITTies.

What is Skill Kitty?

The word stands for ‘Pool, Fund or a Pot’.  Kitty remains the same ‘Collection of Entertainment, refreshment and rejuvenation’ for us. The only exclusive change we have brought to this age-old (sometimes criticised) get-together is the presence of ‘SKILLS’. There are games, there are interactions, there are winners, there are contributions and there are eatables as well. But, there is a DIFFERENCE!

Why Skill Kitty?


Skill Kitty will empower the women-mothers and housewives- to make a mark in their life with Excellent Communication Skills, Spoken English, Modern Day Conversation Skills, Confidence, Social Media Smartness and Presentation Skills, Personality Grooming and Relationship-cum-Parental Communication Skills as well.

We know there are occasions when the HOME Maker also sees a need to be empowered!

We know there are occasions when the HOME Maker also wishes to be empowered!

We know there are occasions when the HOME Maker also DESERVES to be EMPOWERED!

In short, we make it BIG for you through Skill Kitty! The bonus will be the monthly presence and training by a renowned lady intellect. The resource-women will be from the UniSkill's Globally Acknowledged Mentors!

Give Your Presence the edge over others!

Who will manage the Skill Kitty?

‘UniSkills’ will manage the Skill Kitty and you will be the Leader and the Manager.

We shall be training you not just as the Best Communicator but also as a Skill Kitty Organiser.

How to Join Skill Kitty?

What will be the Fee to Join?

For how much time this course will run?

 Answers to all these questions are with us and can be with you once you decide that as the housewife or as the Homemaker, you also want to empower yourself with SKILLS!

And for the Gentlemen, we are developing a Skill Gym!