We should never confuse student compliance with student learning. Higher Education, around the world, is suffering from this very confusion. Public and Private investments, global collaborations and hundreds of policy fluctuations have not resulted in employable individuals. There is a lack of common sense and we better not deny this failure of our education system.

Higher Education, which was supposed to be the panacea for all problems, has ended up into a trap. This trap is an argument intensified by heavy expectations but low results. There are millions of jobless degree holders who are qualified but not competent of claiming a job. We know that one’s competence can create a job opportunity, even if there is none. There has been a serious decline in the quality of learning and the reasons are paradoxically unknown to all. Extensive research and brainstorming have been done to bring improvement in the Higher Education domain but without a Skilled Team, these may not reach a good end.
To revive the hope in education, UniSkills has a dedicated offering to the HigherEd Institutions. We talk of Skill Development and Capacity Building and we impart this to the whole institution, not only to teachers and students. Our Skill Development Facilitators and Learning Guides become a part of your team and design-develop-deliver a customised training plan ensuring sustainable and inspiring results.
Our target audience is Universities, Colleges (Professional and Traditional Courses), Teacher Training and Competitive Exam preparation as well as IELTS/TOFEL preparation institutes. We wish to offer a hand of support to the Coaching Classes as well and 
The aim is a Learning and Skill Make-Over of all stakeholders in an institution of Higher Education.
We do a strategic SWOT Analysis and assist the institution in corrective and strengthening action. Apart from Academic Interventions, UniSkills will assist you in NAAC, UGC, BSI (ISO) and other certifications & inspections. We give reliable consultancy in Brand Management, Online Reputation Management, Public Relations and Media Management and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as well.

Some of the services available to the Higher Education world:

  • Academic Interventions
  • Educational Consultancy
  • Upskilling-Employability Enhancement
  • Faculty Development Programmes
  • Curriculum Design
  • Educational Technology Training
  • Social Media Smartness Workshops
  • Teaching Content Preparation
  • Students’ Skill Development
  • Leadership Workshops for Heads and Team Leaders
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Motivational Talks
  • Event Management/Youth Festivals
  • Literary Workshops
  • Online Learning Platforms
  • NAAC, BSI Accreditation Assistance
  • Anchoring and Event Leadership
  • Online Learning and MOOCs
  • Content Editing and Development
  • Customised Career Guidance for Students

We have Upskilling, Reskilling, Upskilling and Skill Development modules on offer.