Tourism is one of the most significant contributors to globalisation. Business Travel has become Business Tourism. Another known development, especially for India, has been Medical Tourism and Religious Tourism.

UniSkills wants to introduce the ‘isolated’ but the potential area of learning advancement: Skill Tourism. We are based in Kurukshetra with a network of Skill Development Facilitators and Skill Coaches all over the world. Our network of collaborators in Team UniSkills is so strong that we can deliver world-class Skills and Training anywhere. But, we have chosen this land of Srimad Bhagavadgita to do the Karma of Skill Sharing.

Skill Tourism is about getting learners from other places, especially the terribly crowded big cities and metro cities. As one comes to small and peaceful cities like Kurukshetra for serene vacations, we aim at Learners who take time out of our short-term Skill Courses at Kurukshetra.

This will definitely be the trendsetter in terms of less expensive but more productive Learning Model as the cities like Kurukshetra have more possibilities of sustainable learning.

We want the learners from Kurukshetra to stay at their own place and learn the same standards they get attracted to. We are result oriented and aim at a sustainable change through Skill Kurukshetra Mission.

We invite the learners to forget the boundaries of districts, states and countries to Kurukshetra- The Land of Gita!

Join Skill Tourism.