Communication Skills Courses

  • Ask for a Workshop

    UniSkills has aimed at result oriented skill development. For this, we prefer to take the learner’s trust and willingness. And then develop the modules and strategy for them. We have a dynamic and result oriented curriculum which encompasses from single learner to a large audience. Hence, without knowing, who are we training; we do not start imparting the significant things.

    You are welcome to share with us your requirements and we assure you that we shall match your expectations and will present a tailor-made plan that suits you. The workshop can be organised at your institution or place.

    Send us an e-mail or call.

  • Skill Gym

    Skill Gym!

    The sweat you dedicate to your health can go waste if you do not match the pre-requisites of the modern age. By modern age, we do not mean anything out of your reach. Rather, we wish to make you see the realities and necessities around your career and life.

    A Healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The old saying remains true. But, a mind which is reluctant to speak, confused in writing and faces the dilemma in taking decisions, will certainly do some injustice to the healthy body.

    You never get a second chance to make your first impression unless your second attempt is well-planned and well-prepared. At UniSkills, we enable your competence to prove that the self you carry, be it physical or the personality, you are at your best.

    To compensate your appearance, to strengthen your presence and to make people remember your Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing-Thinking-Working-Presenting-Planning… all has to be ‘skilled’ the way UniSkills is offering.

    UniSkills Skill Gym is not different from the iron-made gym you have seen around. You must be conscious about your skill health as well. To empower and enhance your personality we are offering an Intelligence-made Skill Gym. 

    We shall be inviting Strong Minds to Interact with you every month. This brainstorming will mean a lot because the ones on our list are the best to talk about Skills and Life.  Skill Gym will make you sweat and toil to the best of your requirements with visible results that improve your overall personality.

    Strong Communication Skills; Impressive Presentation Skills; Leadership Skills; Business Communication; Anchoring; Taking Meetings; E-mails; Relationship Management; Political and Public Speaking etc are being offered.

    Each one deserves to be Skilled and Empowered.

    UniSkills Skill Kitty has also been launched for the womenfolk of Kurukshetra! 

  • UniSkills Courses

    As a registered LLP with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, we have taken the approvals to offer certifications in various skill and education domains. UniSkills offers the following Regular and Distance modes. We also conduct Online Courses through virtual classrooms. The platforms we use for Online Learning are nationally and globally acknowledged.

    • Courses/Certifications:
    • Certificate Course in Communication Skills Teaching (02 Months)
    • Certificate Course in Communication Skills (01 Month)
    • Advanced Certification in Communication Skills (02 Months)
    • Certificate Course in Public Speaking & Anchoring (01 Month)
    • Communication Skills Refresher for in-service Teachers (01 Week-Regular)
    • Social Media Smartness Guide Certification (03 Weeks Regular/Distance/Online)
    • Internet Maturity Expert Certification (03 Weeks Regular/Distance/Online)
    • Certificate Course in Resume Writing (4 Weeks-Regular and Distance)
    • Certificate Course in Group Discussion and Negotiation Skills (4 Weeks-Regular)
    • Advanced Certification in Job Interview Skill Enhancement
    • 14 Hour Certificate Course in Social Media Smartness (Popular Social Media Platforms)
    • Make the Best of Google (Basics) Foundation Course
    • Social Media for Parents –Certification
    • Certificate of Training in Anchoring and Public Speaking (Regular)
    • Web-Based Writing Certificate Course (Online-Distance)
    • Journalism and Media Skills- Smart Certification (Regular)
    • Spoken English- Foundation Course (07 Weeks-Regular)


    Apart from the above, we design and deliver ‘on-demand’ courses as well. The tailor-made curriculum, content and competence are available for institutional as well as individual demands.