Educational Technology

  • Educational Technology

    The world is getting divided into a new 'haves and have nots' phenomenon. This time this is in education. There are learners who have access to technology and who do not. But the divide we are talking about is among those who have access but are not using.

    Technology will not replace teachers, but the teachers who do not use technology will be replaced by those who do! This is what we know, understand and realise as the reality of educational developments. The 21st century has not come to us the way it is. Actually, we have created this world of innovation and technology for ourselves. Education and learning can not escape now.

    Hence, UniSkills supports the integration of technology into Education. We know that technology and innovation are as old as education is. Pedagogy craves for the involvement of the teachers and students. The solution lies in a strategically developed system of learning. 

    Do not allow schools and colleges to kill the creativity of children. Make your mind and learn to make good use of technology. Teach each other the best practices of learning through technology. Move beyond power point pride and projector screen obsessions. educational Technology is far superior and comprehensive than these stereotypes. 

    We train everyone.

    Join Us and Be an Edtech Empowered Learner!

  • EduSoMedia

    Education through Social Media aka EduSoMedia is world’s first Learning Model which has integrated Social Media Platforms with Pedagogy in the HigherEd. Initiated in India in 2009 and developed to become the leading learning mechanism and motivation, EduSoMedia is an acronym well known now.

    UniSkills is taking this Innovative Learning Model to new dimensions through Social Media Smartness and Internet Maturity Workshops. Teachers and Institutional Leaders are being trained to adapt and adopt the new age learning technologies. We have also integrated WhatsApp and other Internet Based Communication tools into pedagogy.

    Many K-12 Institutions, Universities, HigherEd Colleges, ITIs, Polytechnics, Media Houses, Government Departments, NGOs, Individuals have come ahead to learn the usage of Social Media in Education. Curation of Teaching-Learning content for EduSoMedia has also been done and short term Online/Regular Courses are also offered. 

    There are thousands of assignments, blog posts, tweets, presentations, podcasts and interactions related to this innovative learning idea. Students who joined the expedition are now established bloggers and media professionals.

    UniSkills is taking its mission ahead now by training teachers and students from K-12 and HigherEd. We knew that Social Media has immense potential for Education, now we have the world to support us!

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