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  • Online Learning

    UniSkills offers a variety of modes and courses for Online Learning. We start from WhatsApp as the basic platform for online learning and then take you through all modern advancements in Online Learning-Internet Based Learning.

    We are associated with learning of MOODLE, OERS, SWAYAM, A-View and have been guiding learners to do MOOCs on various international platforms. Our Skill Development Facilitators are certified Online Trainers and possess global exposure. With the credit of being exponents of EduSoMedia Model of Learning in HigherEd, UniSkills has been appreciated worldwide for the cost and capacity effective Integration of Social Media into Higher Education Pedagogy. 

    At Kurukshetra, UniSkills is the pioneer in Social Media and Internet-based Learning as we have a background of around 10 years in the ‘Development of EduSoMedia’ and ‘EdTech’ Pedagogy in Higher Education. Our Model of EduSoMedia is the first model of ‘Social Media Integration into Pedagogy’ in the HigherEd.

    Online Courses, Certifications, Online Presentations, Collaborations, Projects, Web-based Content Writing, Web Development for Education, Blogs, Social Media Profiles and Job Oriented Profiles are some of the aspects of UniSkills Online Learning.

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