Skill Haryana

  • Skill Gym

    Skill Gym!

    The sweat you dedicate to your health can go waste if you do not match the pre-requisites of the modern age. By modern age, we do not mean anything out of your reach. Rather, we wish to make you see the realities and necessities around your career and life.

    A Healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The old saying remains true. But, a mind which is reluctant to speak, confused in writing and faces the dilemma in taking decisions, will certainly do some injustice to the healthy body.

    You never get a second chance to make your first impression unless your second attempt is well-planned and well-prepared. At UniSkills, we enable your competence to prove that the self you carry, be it physical or the personality, you are at your best.

    To compensate your appearance, to strengthen your presence and to make people remember your Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing-Thinking-Working-Presenting-Planning… all has to be ‘skilled’ the way UniSkills is offering.

    UniSkills Skill Gym is not different from the iron-made gym you have seen around. You must be conscious about your skill health as well. To empower and enhance your personality we are offering an Intelligence-made Skill Gym. 

    We shall be inviting Strong Minds to Interact with you every month. This brainstorming will mean a lot because the ones on our list are the best to talk about Skills and Life.  Skill Gym will make you sweat and toil to the best of your requirements with visible results that improve your overall personality.

    Strong Communication Skills; Impressive Presentation Skills; Leadership Skills; Business Communication; Anchoring; Taking Meetings; E-mails; Relationship Management; Political and Public Speaking etc are being offered.

    Each one deserves to be Skilled and Empowered.

    UniSkills Skill Kitty has also been launched for the womenfolk of Kurukshetra! 

  • Skill Haryana

    Haryana has been coming to the news for many unappealing reasons. We know that Time and Image are two things that remain in a mode of transition. The state has been doing efforts to change the image and rise as a capable presence.

    There is a truth that the state has excelled in sports as well as on the development index. But, there has been a mismatch in the inherent potential and the utilisation. We feel that the responsibility of bringing a change in the perception and conditions is on the shoulders of the natives not others. Haryana has recently launched its Skill Development Mission as well. And we are glad that UniSkills initiated this mission on the citizen side a few years ago with the exact hope of getting the political leadership in lead.

    Now Haryana Skill Development Mission awaits public participation as well as support. We can do the scrutiny on the success of governmental plans as well.

    We have created a Team Haryana with those who have excelled in their careers. It is this Collaboration which works for 'Skill Haryana' mission of UniSkills. We are in support of each effort that is an attempt at changing the image of youth here. We share our expertise and resources with the ones who really see the worth of a good career.

    Communication Skills and Employability Enhancement are the two things we are focused on at present through our workshops and trainings at Kurukshetra and other districts.

  • Skill Kurukshetra

    Kurukshetra is globally known as the birthplace of Srimadbhagawad Gita. The Life Philosophy of Gita has been guiding the world for more than 5000 years now. Being at Kurukshetra, UniSkills is completely dedicated to imparting skills to each of our Kurukshetra family members. From children to senior citizens, from officers to support staff members, from media persons to teachers and from a tourist guide to hospitality lead.

    We have been assisting the District Administration for Social Media Smartness and Employability Enhancement workshops. Such workshops have been conducted at the District Library, Kurukshetra and at UniSkills and people from all age groups and domains attended free of cost.

    Team UniSkills is always available for such service aimed workshops and we offer these as our CSR activities.

    Skill Kurukshetra is to continue through UniSkills ‘Skill Camp’ which will remain a regular activity in UniSkills Events throughout the year.

  • Skill Tourism

    Tourism is one of the most significant contributors to globalisation. Business Travel has become Business Tourism. Another known development, especially for India, has been Medical Tourism and Religious Tourism.

    UniSkills wants to introduce the ‘isolated’ but the potential area of learning advancement: Skill Tourism. We are based in Kurukshetra with a network of Skill Development Facilitators and Skill Coaches all over the world. Our network of collaborators in Team UniSkills is so strong that we can deliver world-class Skills and Training anywhere. But, we have chosen this land of Srimad Bhagavadgita to do the Karma of Skill Sharing.

    Skill Tourism is about getting learners from other places, especially the terribly crowded big cities and metro cities. As one comes to small and peaceful cities like Kurukshetra for serene vacations, we aim at Learners who take time out of our short-term Skill Courses at Kurukshetra.

    This will definitely be the trendsetter in terms of less expensive but more productive Learning Model as the cities like Kurukshetra have more possibilities of sustainable learning.

    We want the learners from Kurukshetra to stay at their own place and learn the same standards they get attracted to. We are result oriented and aim at a sustainable change through Skill Kurukshetra Mission.

    We invite the learners to forget the boundaries of districts, states and countries to Kurukshetra- The Land of Gita!

    Join Skill Tourism.

  • UniSkills Workshops

    UniSkills offers Skill Enhancement Workshops to individuals as well as institutions. We have developed various domains of training and regularly update and increase the number of skills that are imparted through Skill Camps and Workshops.

    For school children, we organise foundation level and advanced level workshops every month. The duration and contents of the workshops are customised according to the learners. Along with the traditional skill enhancement like Communication Skills, Reading and Speaking Skills, Spoken English, Creative Skills, Debating, Poetry, Declamation and Speech, Anchoring and Listening Skills, we also impart the 21st-century skills sets to them.

    Internet Maturity, Social Media Smartness, Profile Presentation, Clever Career Skills, Group Discussions and Presentation Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Collaboration Skills etc. are also added to their personality.

    For Higher Education learners, we are dedicated to a holistic competence enhancement. From their Employability to their Internet Habits, from their telephonic conversation to their Public Speaking, from their Listening to their writing skills, from their group discussion to their leadership skills, we are catering to all modern as well as traditional skills for them. The curriculum and modules are of global standards and have been designed by the experts of these domains.

    Apart from the above to audiences, we organise Parenting Skills, Business Skills, Teachers Training, and Corporate Training Workshops. These are on-demand and totally tailor-made workshops.

    From a ONE HOUR to a ONE WEEK Workshop, we are delivering the most valuable skills to those who have realised that the truth that ‘Skills’ empower one’s Presence!

    1. Communication Skills Development
    2. Employability Enhancement
    3. Placement Preparation Workshops
    4. Personality Grooming
    5. Public Speaking and Theatre
    6. Let’s Learn Listening
    7. Mastering Presentation Skills
    8. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    9. Picnic Workshops
    10. Workplace Communication Training
    11. How to Become a Connected Educator?
    12. Teaching Aptitude Enhancement
    13. Leadership in Education
    14. Mastering Social Media Platforms
    15. Internet Maturity
    16. Emergency Safeguards on Social Media
    17. WhatsApp and Facebook Skills and Sense
    18. Implementation of EduSoMedia Model
    19. Integration of Technology into Classroom Teaching
    20. Developing MOOCs/E-Learning Resources/OERs
    21. 21st Century Skills to Teachers
    22. Classroom Make-Over
    23. Skilled Mothers
    24. Spoken English Workshop
    25. Pronunciation Correction Workshop
    26. Creative Writing in English
    27. Story Telling Skills
    28. Reading Skills
    29. Clever Career Choice
    30. A-View and WizIQ Basics
    31. Twitter and Tweets
    32. Content Writing on The Web

    Happy Skilling!