Story Telling

  • Reading Club

    One of UniSkills’ UNIQUE and much-appreciated initiatives is the READING CLUBs. Reading has become a forgotten art that people seldom read to their heart. It is more of the criteria fulfilling work culture nowadays in the schools where children learn less of reading and forget more of their natural capabilities to learn and use a language.

    We have started this READING Club as an inspiration from the small children who are craving for books and we are ‘gifting’ e-books. We have observed this thing among parents that they want the child to control the ‘Mobile Phone’ usage but it has failed.

    By way of making the small wonders touch books; we are putting our best efforts to get a ‘comeback’ of reading life. Books have been our best of friends and we can never stay away from this friend.


    Children come and take a book of their choice and read. Sometimes they exchange their own books and make friends. Story Telling, Creative Writing, Illustrations, Character Portrayal, Role Play and Small-Acts are also part of the Reading Club.

    We organise Children Literature Festivals as well. The learners who become a part of the Reading Club become the Alumni of UniSkills and are also trained for Communication Skills and Phonetics equipped Spoken English.