• About

    UniSkills School of Skill Development is dedicated to Communication Skills, Employability Enhancement, Educational Technology, EduSoMedia Implementation, Teachers' Training, Career Guidance, Public Speaking and Personality Grooming. Primarily we aim at the Enhancement of Skills-Soft Skills. ‘UniSkills’ has been conceptualised to provide sincere and skilful assistance to learners who are otherwise left behind due to myriad factors. We conduct Workshops-Specialised Coaching Sessions-Extension Lectures-Personalised Counseling-Online Interactions (Webinars). Leadership UniSkills is founded on the determination of making a positive difference in the lives of learners. Skill Development for a Better Life remains the flag-bearer of our vision. We have aimed at developing the global standards of Communication Skills. With our experience at the root level of education and our optimistic strategies, we are conducting Skill Enhancement Workshops across India. A team of dynamic mentors and skill development experts is with us to establish Learning Paradigms. UniSkills is led not by individuals but by a shared vision. The Leadership lies in the Challenges we have taken up. Our Commitment is our Leader. We want CHANGE which leads to IMPROVEMENT. Commitments: UniSkills has volunteered to provide 'Communicative Competence' to those who want to make a mark in their life. Yes, we are not for business or expansions. We are for 'Change' through Skill Enhancement. There is a need to bring soft-skills to the forefront and this collaboration is toiling for the same. We impart Skill Based Training and Workshops to HigherEd Institutions, Faculty and also to School students and their teachers. As we are based in Haryana, we are working to 'Change the Image' through UniSkills. We believe in "Together We Can and We Will'.

  • Ask for a Workshop

    UniSkills has aimed at result oriented skill development. For this, we prefer to take the learner’s trust and willingness. And then develop the modules and strategy for them. We have a dynamic and result oriented curriculum which encompasses from single learner to a large audience. Hence, without knowing, who are we training; we do not start imparting the significant things.

    You are welcome to share with us your requirements and we assure you that we shall match your expectations and will present a tailor-made plan that suits you. The workshop can be organised at your institution or place.

    Send us an e-mail or call.

  • Communication Skills

    We must say what we want to! We must write what we intend to! We must know what works and what not! We must be confident to argue our view! We must be able to establish an impressive image among our listeners and viewers!

    One must carry Communicative Competence which comes through Communication Skills. The set of these two words is a selling commodity since decades and has been a neglected human faculty for centuries now. We are enslaved not because it was destiny or the rulers had weapons, but because we stopped 'communicating'. 

    UniSkills offers addition-correction-strengthening-sharing of Communication Skills.

    From Academics to Business Communication, from Media Managment to Life Management, we explore with you the Communicative Potential you carry.

    • Communication Skills for Children
    • Communication Skills for Parents
    • Communication Skills for Higher Education Students
    • Communication Skills for Teachers and Heads of Institutions
    • Communication Skills for Business Leaders and their Teams
    • Communication Skills for Personal Improvement
    • Communication Skills for 'Communication'

    We train Teachers who are eligible to get employed as Communication Skills/Business Communication/Communicative English and need to ensure that they do their work confidently. We train parents to communicate their aspirations successfully tot their children.

    We enhance your Communication Skills!

  • Eklavyaism

    You Create Yourself!

    These three words elucidate the essence of Eklavyaism. The way Eklavya ensured the continuity of his learning, UniSkills has determined to make Life Long Learning an integral part of each life.

    Eklavya-ism stands for learning by self. This is a principle which denotes ‘self-learning’ and ‘self-perfectionism’. It is learning by observation too. The disciple learns, even if the teacher isn’t available physically. Dronacharya wasn’t there but Eklavya made an idol of him and kept his learning alive.

    Mahabharata conveys ‘Eklavyaism’ as a learning philosophy. It is sometimes being recognised as a sentiment or a Bhava.

    In the present day of the global learning environment, which is marked by the competitive life, ‘Learning by Self’ has become a necessity. We do not suggest the absence of the teacher, but we advocate a multi-dimensional learning and skill development. For that, one has to be like Eklavya-who could learn, even if the availability of resources was not there.

    We all learn by observation as well. This way we all are prodigy humans carrying infinite potential which must be realised.

    Our Mission of EduSoMedia, Skill Tourism, Skill Kurukshetra, Internet Maturity and each initiative is inspired by the spirit of Eklavyaism.

    Educational Technology- EdTech and EduSoMedia Models of Learning that we have been practising for over 10 years are based on the same concept that Eklavya suggested through his efforts. ‘The have-not’s must be brought to the haves category.’  

    As said before, Eklavyaism is in the 'mind'. Eklavyaism is a belief in learning.

  • Employability Enhancement

    Employability is about possessing skills and qualifications that will make somebody employ you. In simple words, your educational qualifications, experience, skills, communication skills, personality traits, references, additional learning, interests, readiness to join the job are all part of your 'Employability'. 


    We have degrees that match the criteria. But the former, which is indeed the first requisite, is missing terribly. Launching world-class 'Choice Based Credit System' or some Cambridge-Trinity-Oxford-Stanford formulas won't do any good without making our own stakeholders ready to adapt to changes.

    We know that competence leads to stability in Career. We have not been failed by employers or lack of jobs. The reason of recessions or unemployment is not unknown anymore. There are realisations as well research to showcase our educational blunders where we forgot to make 'employability' a priority. 

    Skill-Mismatch is the devil we have been ignoring for decades. It is like closing our eyes to the darkness and believing that all is well. Job providers are asking for something and job seekers are going to them with something else.

    UniSkills has Employability Enhancement as one of the missions. We do not give job/placement services. We make you competent to Select a Job-Earn an Appointment-Work with Confidence-Grow into Leader.

    Employers have been saying it loud to the educational institutions that there has been a severe Skill-Gap. It has resulted in changes and several modifications in the syllabi and nomenclature of degrees as well. But, skill gap and mismatch have widened their attack on the careers of lakhs of job aspirants. A recent study in a reputed daily noted that more than 60% of the eight lakh engineers from around 3288 AICTE approved institutions remain unemployed every year. This is serious, very serious indeed.

    We need to know that the impact of this fallout is more on us. UniSkills has an ecosystem that encourages Employability Enhancement.

    We are engaged in correcting the roots, not the stems alone. We deliver training to Teachers at the same institutions where we take students responsibility. We know, unless the teachers are made capable, students will fall prey to the absence of skills.

    Employability Enhancement also includes the improvement of skills for those who are already in jobs. Upskilling is an important aspect of UniSkills vision.

    Join our short term Learning Meets that add to your readiness to take a job!

  • For Government & NGOs

    The Government is nothing but the people. The Abstract concept of a Supreme System becomes real only when People believe. The accountability of failure is on the government and the credit actually belongs to the masses who receive the efforts. The challenges are diverse and solutions are complicated. If a team in the office is competent to neutralise the problems and take strong actions to prevent further issues, we call it 'Professional Approach'. 

    There are officers and there are employees, who feel a need to 'skills' their counterparts to accomplish governmental visions. who We have been working to empower the public sector enterprises and departments to walk with the same enthusiasm the corporate world is walking with.
    UniSkills offers professional consultancy and assistance to the government institutions as well as and when asked for. Skill Development is a government of India brand now as we toil to work as the ambassadors of this mission. Skill Development takes a different from here. There is a need for measures to deal with Skill-Mismatch and Skill-Gap in the government offices. This is not because the institutions have a failed. But the nomenclature of designations and domains is still passive to the contemporary needs. To say bit strictly, we have not been able to completely relieve ourselves of the colonial colours. The Skill-gap and Skill-Mismatch
    Of the People- for the People- by the People has isolated the government. The interpretation stands divine in the books saying that it’s the People who make and succeed a government.

    • Smart Governance        • Motivation and Team Work        • Leadership        • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    • Public Speaking            • Use of Technology-Internet and Social Media       • Group Discussion
    • Conducting and Attending a Meeting        • Official Communication Skills  • Letter, E-mail & Web-Based Writing
    • Internet-Based Communication Techniques           • Cyber Safety- SELF            • Online Reputation Management
    • Handling Public Grievance                • Stress and Behaviour Management           • Event Management

    We are into Social Media Consultancy, Citizen Engagement Strategy, Digital Documentation, Public Relation Management, Media Management etc. 

    Our credentials include Ratnawali Festivals, National Youth Festivals (for Kurukshetra University) International Gita Mahotsav-2016, Sarasvati Mahotsav-2017, Haryana Academy of History & Culture's National Conference.

  • For HigherEd

    We should never confuse student compliance with student learning. Higher Education, around the world, is suffering from this very confusion. Public and Private investments, global collaborations and hundreds of policy fluctuations have not resulted in employable individuals. There is a lack of common sense and we better not deny this failure of our education system.

    Higher Education, which was supposed to be the panacea for all problems, has ended up into a trap. This trap is an argument intensified by heavy expectations but low results. There are millions of jobless degree holders who are qualified but not competent of claiming a job. We know that one’s competence can create a job opportunity, even if there is none. There has been a serious decline in the quality of learning and the reasons are paradoxically unknown to all. Extensive research and brainstorming have been done to bring improvement in the Higher Education domain but without a Skilled Team, these may not reach a good end.
    To revive the hope in education, UniSkills has a dedicated offering to the HigherEd Institutions. We talk of Skill Development and Capacity Building and we impart this to the whole institution, not only to teachers and students. Our Skill Development Facilitators and Learning Guides become a part of your team and design-develop-deliver a customised training plan ensuring sustainable and inspiring results.
    Our target audience is Universities, Colleges (Professional and Traditional Courses), Teacher Training and Competitive Exam preparation as well as IELTS/TOFEL preparation institutes. We wish to offer a hand of support to the Coaching Classes as well and 
    The aim is a Learning and Skill Make-Over of all stakeholders in an institution of Higher Education.
    We do a strategic SWOT Analysis and assist the institution in corrective and strengthening action. Apart from Academic Interventions, UniSkills will assist you in NAAC, UGC, BSI (ISO) and other certifications & inspections. We give reliable consultancy in Brand Management, Online Reputation Management, Public Relations and Media Management and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as well.

    Some of the services available to the Higher Education world:

    • Academic Interventions
    • Educational Consultancy
    • Upskilling-Employability Enhancement
    • Faculty Development Programmes
    • Curriculum Design
    • Educational Technology Training
    • Social Media Smartness Workshops
    • Teaching Content Preparation
    • Students’ Skill Development
    • Leadership Workshops for Heads and Team Leaders
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Motivational Talks
    • Event Management/Youth Festivals
    • Literary Workshops
    • Online Learning Platforms
    • NAAC, BSI Accreditation Assistance
    • Anchoring and Event Leadership
    • Online Learning and MOOCs
    • Content Editing and Development
    • Customised Career Guidance for Students

    We have Upskilling, Reskilling, Upskilling and Skill Development modules on offer. 



  • Internet Maturity

    This is an age of Internet and Information. The safety lies not in hiding your existence from the internet, but in sharing with the selected and required.

    Internet Maturity and Social Media Smartness are the UniSkills identities and we feel glad to be the flag-bearers of this movement.

    There is less required to answer whether we do Social Media or not; we are on a task “How well we DO it!” 

  • Reading Club

    One of UniSkills’ UNIQUE and much-appreciated initiatives is the READING CLUBs. Reading has become a forgotten art that people seldom read to their heart. It is more of the criteria fulfilling work culture nowadays in the schools where children learn less of reading and forget more of their natural capabilities to learn and use a language.

    We have started this READING Club as an inspiration from the small children who are craving for books and we are ‘gifting’ e-books. We have observed this thing among parents that they want the child to control the ‘Mobile Phone’ usage but it has failed.

    By way of making the small wonders touch books; we are putting our best efforts to get a ‘comeback’ of reading life. Books have been our best of friends and we can never stay away from this friend.


    Children come and take a book of their choice and read. Sometimes they exchange their own books and make friends. Story Telling, Creative Writing, Illustrations, Character Portrayal, Role Play and Small-Acts are also part of the Reading Club.

    We organise Children Literature Festivals as well. The learners who become a part of the Reading Club become the Alumni of UniSkills and are also trained for Communication Skills and Phonetics equipped Spoken English.

  • Skill Camp

    Skill Camp 18x4

    UniSkills School of Skill Development has conceptualised this thoughtfully for all the age groups. From Children to Parents, from K-12 Students to college going HigherEd Learners, from Teachers to Institutional Heads and from Corporate/Government employees to the managers and leaders.

    Skill Camp is organised by UniSkills at the Kurukshetra campus and we give a call for registration a month before the start of the camp. Primarily aimed at the globally acknowledged 21st-century skills, this month long Skill Expedition has all that a successful personality and person needs today. From Communication Skills to Oratory Skills and from Internet Maturity to Leadership Skills, we offer a multitude of learning to the willing learners.

    Skill Camp provides Skill Development in the following areas:

    • Communication Skills
    • Public Speaking
    • Anchoring
    • Spoken English
    • Leadership Skills
    • Motivational Sessions
    • Leadership Development Workshops
    • Social Media Smartness
    • Employability Enhancement
    • Clever Career Choice Workshops
    • Profile Making Training
    • Presentation Skills
    • Educational Technology
    • Creative Writing
    • Oratory Skills

    Skill Camp pamphlet

    UniSkills Skill Camp is a regular event, organised each year from 20 May to 20 June. This is a sincere and well-planned alternative to the Summer Camps where children might not be able to accomplish the required 21st Century Skills. Besides, each child is not made to attend music or dance classes. Rhetoric and Communication Skills are the real skills needed and this Skill Camp ensures the beginning.

    Skill Camp is perfected by its winter associate named as ‘Skill Carnival’ which works on the same objective of Communication Skills and Employability Enhancement. The extra provided in the non-summer season, Skill Carnival is the presence of events like Book Fairs, Literature Festival and Educational Workshops.

    The initial amount has been fixed as 15, 00 (INR) for the foundational package selected by the learner. The charges for external resource persons, study material and other resources are included in the fee.

    The advanced and expert level Skill Camp package is offered to the selected participants with a customised curriculum and activities pool designed by the UniSkills Mentors.

  • Skill Gym

    Skill Gym!

    The sweat you dedicate to your health can go waste if you do not match the pre-requisites of the modern age. By modern age, we do not mean anything out of your reach. Rather, we wish to make you see the realities and necessities around your career and life.

    A Healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The old saying remains true. But, a mind which is reluctant to speak, confused in writing and faces the dilemma in taking decisions, will certainly do some injustice to the healthy body.

    You never get a second chance to make your first impression unless your second attempt is well-planned and well-prepared. At UniSkills, we enable your competence to prove that the self you carry, be it physical or the personality, you are at your best.

    To compensate your appearance, to strengthen your presence and to make people remember your Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing-Thinking-Working-Presenting-Planning… all has to be ‘skilled’ the way UniSkills is offering.

    UniSkills Skill Gym is not different from the iron-made gym you have seen around. You must be conscious about your skill health as well. To empower and enhance your personality we are offering an Intelligence-made Skill Gym. 

    We shall be inviting Strong Minds to Interact with you every month. This brainstorming will mean a lot because the ones on our list are the best to talk about Skills and Life.  Skill Gym will make you sweat and toil to the best of your requirements with visible results that improve your overall personality.

    Strong Communication Skills; Impressive Presentation Skills; Leadership Skills; Business Communication; Anchoring; Taking Meetings; E-mails; Relationship Management; Political and Public Speaking etc are being offered.

    Each one deserves to be Skilled and Empowered.

    UniSkills Skill Kitty has also been launched for the womenfolk of Kurukshetra! 

  • Skill Haryana

    Haryana has been coming to the news for many unappealing reasons. We know that Time and Image are two things that remain in a mode of transition. The state has been doing efforts to change the image and rise as a capable presence.

    There is a truth that the state has excelled in sports as well as on the development index. But, there has been a mismatch in the inherent potential and the utilisation. We feel that the responsibility of bringing a change in the perception and conditions is on the shoulders of the natives not others. Haryana has recently launched its Skill Development Mission as well. And we are glad that UniSkills initiated this mission on the citizen side a few years ago with the exact hope of getting the political leadership in lead.

    Now Haryana Skill Development Mission awaits public participation as well as support. We can do the scrutiny on the success of governmental plans as well.


    We have created a Team Haryana with those who have excelled in their careers. It is this Collaboration which works for 'Skill Haryana' mission of UniSkills. We are in support of each effort that is an attempt at changing the image of youth here. We share our expertise and resources with the ones who really see the worth of a good career.

    Communication Skills and Employability Enhancement are the two things we are focused on at present through our workshops and trainings at Kurukshetra and other districts.

  • Skill Kitty

    Skill Kitty!

    There is one thing about LEARNING-we can start at any stage and at any age!

    UniSkills has developed another belief to strengthen the above truth. We have launched a FIRST of its kind KITTY for Housewives and all ladies who have been searching for an alternative or have been attending the stereotype KITTies.

    What is Skill Kitty?

    The word stands for ‘Pool, Fund or a Pot’.  Kitty remains the same ‘Collection of Entertainment, refreshment and rejuvenation’ for us. The only exclusive change we have brought to this age-old (sometimes criticised) get-together is the presence of ‘SKILLS’. There are games, there are interactions, there are winners, there are contributions and there are eatables as well. But, there is a DIFFERENCE!

    Why Skill Kitty?


    Skill Kitty will empower the women-mothers and housewives- to make a mark in their life with Excellent Communication Skills, Spoken English, Modern Day Conversation Skills, Confidence, Social Media Smartness and Presentation Skills, Personality Grooming and Relationship-cum-Parental Communication Skills as well.

    We know there are occasions when the HOME Maker also sees a need to be empowered!

    We know there are occasions when the HOME Maker also wishes to be empowered!

    We know there are occasions when the HOME Maker also DESERVES to be EMPOWERED!

    In short, we make it BIG for you through Skill Kitty! The bonus will be the monthly presence and training by a renowned lady intellect. The resource-women will be from the UniSkill's Globally Acknowledged Mentors!

    Give Your Presence the edge over others!

    Who will manage the Skill Kitty?

    ‘UniSkills’ will manage the Skill Kitty and you will be the Leader and the Manager.

    We shall be training you not just as the Best Communicator but also as a Skill Kitty Organiser.

    How to Join Skill Kitty?

    What will be the Fee to Join?

    For how much time this course will run?

     Answers to all these questions are with us and can be with you once you decide that as the housewife or as the Homemaker, you also want to empower yourself with SKILLS!

    And for the Gentlemen, we are developing a Skill Gym!

  • Skill Kurukshetra

    Kurukshetra is globally known as the birthplace of Srimadbhagawad Gita. The Life Philosophy of Gita has been guiding the world for more than 5000 years now. Being at Kurukshetra, UniSkills is completely dedicated to imparting skills to each of our Kurukshetra family members. From children to senior citizens, from officers to support staff members, from media persons to teachers and from a tourist guide to hospitality lead.

    We have been assisting the District Administration for Social Media Smartness and Employability Enhancement workshops. Such workshops have been conducted at the District Library, Kurukshetra and at UniSkills and people from all age groups and domains attended free of cost.

    Team UniSkills is always available for such service aimed workshops and we offer these as our CSR activities.

    Skill Kurukshetra is to continue through UniSkills ‘Skill Camp’ which will remain a regular activity in UniSkills Events throughout the year.

  • Skill Tourism

    Tourism is one of the most significant contributors to globalisation. Business Travel has become Business Tourism. Another known development, especially for India, has been Medical Tourism and Religious Tourism.

    UniSkills wants to introduce the ‘isolated’ but the potential area of learning advancement: Skill Tourism. We are based in Kurukshetra with a network of Skill Development Facilitators and Skill Coaches all over the world. Our network of collaborators in Team UniSkills is so strong that we can deliver world-class Skills and Training anywhere. But, we have chosen this land of Srimad Bhagavadgita to do the Karma of Skill Sharing.

    Skill Tourism is about getting learners from other places, especially the terribly crowded big cities and metro cities. As one comes to small and peaceful cities like Kurukshetra for serene vacations, we aim at Learners who take time out of our short-term Skill Courses at Kurukshetra.

    This will definitely be the trendsetter in terms of less expensive but more productive Learning Model as the cities like Kurukshetra have more possibilities of sustainable learning.

    We want the learners from Kurukshetra to stay at their own place and learn the same standards they get attracted to. We are result oriented and aim at a sustainable change through Skill Kurukshetra Mission.

    We invite the learners to forget the boundaries of districts, states and countries to Kurukshetra- The Land of Gita!

    Join Skill Tourism.

  • Team UniSkills

    UniSkills has a Team of Facilitators across cities who are delivering learning and training to thousands of students and working professionals. This is a collaboration and we facilitate the requirements by connecting you to the best you deserve and need in your region.

    Parveen Kumar Sharma is an acclaimed Communicator and Skill Development Facilitator. With his rich and varied experience of training, teaching, public speaking, counselling and leadership in planning and execution of academic activities, Parveen provides result-oriented learning to the participants at UniSkills workshops.

    Since the inception of this idea of adding skills, Smriti Bhardwaj has been a mentor to the team and she has also been spearheading the team's venture of developing plans and contents. As the Sr. Trainer, who has developed from a naive fresher to skill development towards a real resource person, Smriti takes workshops of youth and teachers with perfection. Her expertise in Theatre and Public Speaking adds to her competence.

    Navin Gulia: An Ex-Army Officer and a World Record Holder in Adventure Sports, Navin Gulia is a multiple award-winning, internationally acclaimed, Author, Adventurer, Thinker, Orator and Social Worker. He is a World Record Holder in adventure driving, for driving non-stop from New Delhi to the world’s highest mountain pass Marsimik La at 18,632 feet height, in 55 hours of non-stop driving. A record that stands unbeaten till today. He is a writer and writes in three languages. His English book ‘In Quest of the Last Victory’ published by Pearson Longman is a best seller in its category and so is his Hindi book ‘Veer Usko Janiye’ published by Prabhat Prakashan. He is a social worker and runs an organisation called ‘Apni Duniya Apna Ashiana’ for the welfare of underprivileged children.


  • UniSkills Posters

    "Little Pigeons carry great messages."

    Thoughts are the seeds to grow Motivation. We, as humans, carry the faculty to think and generate thoughts.

    UniSkills Posters are for you to make your wall a place you look at and get THOUGHTS!

    Our Collection has thought-provoking Posters, without any diversion through extra colours or decoration.Take the Quotations home or to your Hostel Room.

    Take the Quotations home or to your Hostel Room.

    Reading the quotes from the wall opens Doors to a Confidence and Mature Outlook.

    For Children and Young, such thoughts add value and weight to daily conversation.

    Download the Free Posters/Wall Papers.

    You can buy UniSkills Posters (Quality Paper Print) from Our Kurukshetra Office or Contact for bulk orders.

    Let’s Collect Worthy Words!

    2 copy EEE


  • UniSkills Workshops

    UniSkills offers Skill Enhancement Workshops to individuals as well as institutions. We have developed various domains of training and regularly update and increase the number of skills that are imparted through Skill Camps and Workshops.

    For school children, we organise foundation level and advanced level workshops every month. The duration and contents of the workshops are customised according to the learners. Along with the traditional skill enhancement like Communication Skills, Reading and Speaking Skills, Spoken English, Creative Skills, Debating, Poetry, Declamation and Speech, Anchoring and Listening Skills, we also impart the 21st-century skills sets to them.

    Internet Maturity, Social Media Smartness, Profile Presentation, Clever Career Skills, Group Discussions and Presentation Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Collaboration Skills etc. are also added to their personality.

    For Higher Education learners, we are dedicated to a holistic competence enhancement. From their Employability to their Internet Habits, from their telephonic conversation to their Public Speaking, from their Listening to their writing skills, from their group discussion to their leadership skills, we are catering to all modern as well as traditional skills for them. The curriculum and modules are of global standards and have been designed by the experts of these domains.

    Apart from the above to audiences, we organise Parenting Skills, Business Skills, Teachers Training, and Corporate Training Workshops. These are on-demand and totally tailor-made workshops.

    From a ONE HOUR to a ONE WEEK Workshop, we are delivering the most valuable skills to those who have realised that the truth that ‘Skills’ empower one’s Presence!

    1. Communication Skills Development
    2. Employability Enhancement
    3. Placement Preparation Workshops
    4. Personality Grooming
    5. Public Speaking and Theatre
    6. Let’s Learn Listening
    7. Mastering Presentation Skills
    8. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    9. Picnic Workshops
    10. Workplace Communication Training
    11. How to Become a Connected Educator?
    12. Teaching Aptitude Enhancement
    13. Leadership in Education
    14. Mastering Social Media Platforms
    15. Internet Maturity
    16. Emergency Safeguards on Social Media
    17. WhatsApp and Facebook Skills and Sense
    18. Implementation of EduSoMedia Model
    19. Integration of Technology into Classroom Teaching
    20. Developing MOOCs/E-Learning Resources/OERs
    21. 21st Century Skills to Teachers
    22. Classroom Make-Over
    23. Skilled Mothers
    24. Spoken English Workshop
    25. Pronunciation Correction Workshop
    26. Creative Writing in English
    27. Story Telling Skills
    28. Reading Skills
    29. Clever Career Choice
    30. A-View and WizIQ Basics
    31. Twitter and Tweets
    32. Content Writing on The Web

    Happy Skilling!

  • Web Solutions

    UniSkills offers on-demand professional assistance in Web Solutions.

    All platforms and all types of solutions offered. Website planning to designing, maintenance, SEO etc. 

    We also guide the web developers in appropriate Content Packaging and making an impressive Website Architecture.

    Proof Reading and Corrections of the Text Contents (English, Hindi, Punjabi) also available. 

    Social Media Management is also available.
    Check Our web portfolio Here


  • Why UniSkills

    The Answer to our creation lies in the realisation that " Learning to Learn is life's most important skill."

    UniSkills was not a dream or a surprise to anyone who is working with us. It was something that we had been doing since we encountered the truth. The truth was that "we need to make sense in everything we do and teach." Leaving aside regular jobs and empowering the vision of others were also appreciable and noble things to do but, not our own! To pursue one's dream, UniSkills was bound to happen.

    WHY UniSkills?

    Because: We need Skills to Succeed! We need Universal – United – Unique Skills! We need Skills Accelerator! It is better to work on a problem that really exists! For long, we all have been arguing with our skill gaps and somehow ignoring them as well. At a time, when SKILL DEVELOPMENT is no more a vague term, we are proud to be among the flag-bearers of Skill Enhancement in India. With regular assertions and academic interventions through workshops, consultancy, content development and interactive talks, we impart the best of understanding and competence to 'capable souls'. Avoiding the stereotyped methods, we are here with innovative and globally acknowledged practices, pedagogy, content & expertise. Our target is ‘Value Addition’ and "Skill Development'.

    Vision & Mission

    UniSkills School of Skill Development has been a belief and a mission. As a Startup, it is an inspiration, a strength and a commitment towards the world we live in. The UniSkills think-tank is determined to impart Upskilling and bridge the skill gap. Envisioning a Skilled Universe, we are committed to 'Skill India' - 'Skill Haryana’ & ‘Skill Kurukshetra’. We are into developing a brave and bold ecosystem which has the potential to bring a sustainable improvement in Skills. We are collaborating with everyone who has the gusto to challenge the status quo. UniSkills has come to Kurukshetra (Haryana) INDIA and is collaborating with the enterprising and determined individuals as well as institutions for Skill Development.

    Commitments & Services

    With Enhance-Empower-Encourage trilogy, we have initiated a mission to transform possibilities into accomplishments, average into exceptional and reluctance into confidence. UniSkills is all ready for: Communication Skills, Employability Enhancement, Educational Technology, Internet Maturity, MOOCs, Faculty Development Programme, Corporate Training, Motivational Talks, Web Solutions and Online Reputation Management. With this, we shall also provide Educational Consultancy, Event Management and Anchoring, Content Writing, Social Media Smartness, Public Speaking and much more. We assist HigherEd, K-12, Corporate, Government and Individuals.