#WeThePeopleOfINDIA is new to us. As we believe that its elaboration will sound new to you as well. New in the sense that we are joining an expedition to decode patriotism for patriotism’s own sake

We want INDIA to wake up to come together just for the sake of coming together.

There is no call to change the country or to uplift or remove a particular system of thought or rule. We want the Childhood to grow with a SENSE of PRIDE for being an INDIAN. We want the Young to reach out the Elders and Old to know what INDIA means. Is it a geographical presence on the globe or a set of contours on the globe? Whether it is a country that is considered a growing economy or it is a country yet to realise its role in the universe? Are we a nation that has been oppressed or we are just WE?

There are questions and there are calls to define-redefine-prove that we are Indians!

UniSkills contributed a small effort on the Republic Day-2017 by composing the Preamble to the Constitution as a musical composition. ‘Des Jaage’ initiated the UniSkills Mission – We the People of India!

Let's Understand INDIA and Indianness in a more comprehensive way! 

Let's meet those who have been with INDIA! 

Let's pass on the sensible and true meaning of Patriotism to the coming generation!

Let's not fight and question the goodness of staying together!

Let's Make INDIA... 'Where the Mind is Without Fear and  Head is Held High!

 UniSkills initiated this thought maturity process with a unique first of its kind creative salute to the nation. We composed the Preamble to OUR Constitution and gave it a flavour it used to miss. We must sing this true Indian Spirit!